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The dog eyed the crotch in front of him, dropped the blanket and sniffed. Whoa! he thought, pussy smell. He stuck his wet nose deeper into her crotch, poking into the little slit beneath the panties. Lucy, suddenly aware that something was happening between her legs, looked down her body to see Snoopy's head there. "Yaaach! Dog lips," she cried, "I'm being touched by dog lips.


Sex and Fish


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  • ivycatian 11.26.15

    Very nice...

  • bowhunter5256 07.30.14

    Where is the play button

  • dragonbruclee 08.11.14

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  • 1210781932 09.16.14


  • Thanks

  • louis.sasol 11.08.14

    Where is the play butten?

  • louis.sasol 11.08.14

    Where is the play butten?

  • mjweston92 11.28.14

    Where the fuck is the play button on this mother-f-er?

  • matsoso.mampoi 07.07.15

    where is the play button

  • thevampirecurt1989 08.19.15

    Whoa ho ho ho what a big doggy banging you have a nice butt.

  • jj2zh 09.06.16

    where is the play botton again???

  • levan.dovskiy 12.30.16